Pirates are real, today pirates hide gold and diamonds in Petrol-ships.

When petro-ships come on the way back empty, stop in African Continent and are loaded with gold and diamonds and sell it to governments from other continents to do jewelry.

African miners, regular guys just looking for some cash dressed in military camouflage to go down the mines with bombs to extract the required raw material saying they work for goverment»

Mariam Fernandez Rodriguez designed a system that forms a world organization called RUFIKAN Stocks&Real State, Mariam is denouncing this situation for the reconstruction of 3rd and 2nd world knowing this regular guys can just work in construction.

For 16 years FBI knows but no one suspects anything, until Mariam Fernandez Rodriguez denounced the FBI and Interpol the suspicious activity

FBI have offices in African Continent observing this operations for some years

Mariam Fernandez Rodriguez contact the presidents of African Continent, from where this natural raw coming from, through Facebook following on social media FBI and Interpol, asking for vigilance at the entry of the mines, today, the mines are close.

Mariam Fernandez Rodriguez is a world traveler, she entry 19 times in African Continent; she knows by locals miners, locals died going down to the mines from a lot snake bites, they get paid 20$-50$ a day. The mines are in the mountains where nobody life’s and same politicians don’t know about it.

Mariam Fernandez Rodriguez also ask United Nations the for a mortality rate on snakebite deaths in mines

The African continent does not have enough economic resources to exploit mines or a way to found contacts that help export. Locals have an average salary of $20-$120 monthly and this is not enough for locals to leave the mainland and explore other societies in the world and found a way to make business, you may think it’s a lie but today civilization is 30% in 50 countries of African continent, a house of someone who lives far from civilization without pay rent, is like this today

(3er world)
Family store (flours, species, candels, candy…) In traditional village
Water extraction

Humanitarian aid boats arrive at the port of the African continent with tons of clothing and essentials, giving away packages of 3 kilos of varied clothing, food or essentials for 15$-35$, sold it by the natives on the streets

the countries of central Africa are the ones that have fewer products and clothes, natives cross borders to deliver products”

Unfortunately, the clothing that is sold today in the civilizations of 52 countries in Africa is 90% second-hand, except South Africa, with 35% which is the most developed country, likewise South Africa has a civilization of 30%, clothes are donated from the first and second world; new clothing is delivered to oficial markets far from civilization

In 52 African countries, far from civilization new clothes are considered for woman, a traditional piece of cloth that is tied at the waist.

Official market far from civilization

New installations generate homes, commercial surfaces and wages; a new consumer society, allows the new civilization reach basic products, basic products dress and take care of personal hygiene, eliminating diseases such as tuberculosis, which is simply transmitted due to lack of oral hygiene.

(2nd world)

70% of Dubai properties are empty, the UAE government expects tourists to buy properties, but it really is a ghost town nowadays.

Tourists from all over the world come to this country for its innovative constructions with the intention of buying jewelry and fabrics to sell it in their countries.

The comedian Mariam Fernandez Rodriguez warns you of the suspicion of a very ambitious jeweler exploring the african continent with an organized gang

Gold is hidden in architecture and sold as jewelry

(A Regular jewelry store in Golf Persic looks like that)

Politicians from African Continent think the local jewelers are the ones searching natural raw doing jewelry for locals; a regular jeweler; travel, visit and explore the mines of African Continent searching natural metals and stones by ownself, nothing alarming was ever suspected

Mariam Fernandez Rodriguez, was bribed from Hamdan Al-Maktoum with 100 millions of Euros transfer Barclays Bank after she tried to explain a political economical system to change the economy of African Continet based on the regulations of the natural raw stoled, the project is called United African Nations